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DFDG’s approach begins with a passion for architecture and the enjoyment of sharing this passion with our clients. Our process is inclusive and collaborative with our greatest successes occurring when there is shared ownership in the design outcome. There are no big egos or black capes at DFDG. We see our role as facilitators of the creative process, with a knack for interpreting our client’s program and vision. This allows us to develop a design tailor-made to each project and client’s needs. Instead of embracing a trademark design style, DFDG recognizes each project should reflect its unique purpose and context.

Long before “Sustainability” was an industry buzzword, DFDG embraced the notion of environmentally responsible design. We knew back in 1970 by focusing our attention on strategies that made efficient use of resources, our clients would reap tangible benefits and an increased return on their investment.

Recognizing the most environmentally responsible buildings are those designed for a long and useful life, we focus on durability and ease of maintenance. With technologies evolving at an exponential rate, our designs are readily adapted to new configurations, with minimal cost.

These principles are embodied in how we design, as well as in how we function.

Please contact us to discuss how DFDG can collaborate with your team, and enjoy the process of designing your next project.