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interior design

The strategic placement of a rich color, an intriguing pattern in the floor tile, the warmth of finely crafted carpentry, a stylish and inviting seating group, and shimmers of light, cast in just the right places. These are the elements we strive to refine in a way that integrates the buildings outward and inward architectures, with one reinforcing the other.

In addition to its role in supplementing DFDG’s “ground-up” architecture projects, our interior design team is skilled in the planning, designing and selection of furnishings for interior spaces within many major corporate, institutional and business facilities.

Interior Design is a primary focus area of DFDG’s practice, and one which is fully integrated with the design process for our building projects. Shared are the concerns for environmental responsibility, durability, ease of maintenance, and long-term adaptability. Shared also, is our passion for an inclusive process; working hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure a design outcome that captures their vision.

Contact us to see how DFDG can engage with your team, and together, enjoy the process of designing your next project.