2022 IIDASW Cirque Du Couture Award Winner

Congratulations to the Design team – DFDG, Calcaterra, and Kendall Grace – for taking home the Prêt-à-Porter Award at this year’s IIDASW Cirque Du Couture event!

With many talented and creative helping hands, the dress, worn by M. Margaret Greene, combines the ideas of bio-lace, exoskeleton, parametric architecture, and biomimicry into a garment meant to imitate reptilian skin.

Our hard materials, provided by Kelly Calcaterra, include task chair mesh that served as the foundation of the garment. Furniture foot components were deconstructed to serve as eyelets for the parachute cording – a material often used for the backs of lounge chairs.

Our soft materials, courtesy of Jessica Flack at Kendall Grace Collection, include more than 15 wall coverings. The team carefully hand-wove these into the sheer fabric to mimic the ‘scales’ of the reptilian skin that attached to the sheer fabric.

Many thanks to the efforts of our dedicated design team of Sarah Salas, Kyndra Trevino-Scott, M. Margaret Greene, Tracy Puddy, Jessica Lacy, Danielle Hoyt, Sandra Stephany Huerta Osorno, Samantha Ho, Becky Tomasek, Shahrina Afrin, Jana Brickey, and Johnson Marklin.