New Employee: Daniela Ramos

Daniela is passionate about culture and design, infusing this passion into all her work. She studied architecture at Universidad La Salle Noroeste and is constantly expanding her knowledge and expertise by taking on various assignments. Her creativity and dedication shine through every project, as she understands how architecture shapes and reflects our communities.

“I love the idea of contributing to something that impacts society and is an everyday part of people’s lives.”

Recognizing the misconception that architecture is purely conceptual, she believes that architects write poetry through their work. Tadao Ando is one of the architects she admires for his minimalist style and use of light as an architectural element to blend with nature. Daniela’s design style revolves around earth tones that stand out in Arizona’s landscape.

“Architecture plays a significant role in history, reflecting how different civilizations lived, their beliefs, and what they considered important,” she says.

When not designing, Daniela loves to paint and enjoys testing out new recipes in her kitchen.