New Team Member: Shweta Thakur

As a new member of the DFDG team, Shweta brings a wealth of expertise in architecture and construction with her dual master’s degrees. She has been an accomplished professional in the industry for several years, elevating clients’ experiences by providing functional and healthy environments.

Shweta has quickly embraced her role as project manager by tackling a complex renovation project for one of DFDG’s private clients. “Understanding how to prioritize client’s needs at every stage is so important,” she says. “It has been great to be part of an engaged, collaborative team that is always ready to solve challenges in creative ways.”

Shweta jumped right into the role of Project Manager on her first day on the job on an active project with a tight budget and short schedule. With her natural desire to learn and positive attitude, she contributes to the collaborative work environment of DFDG.

Passionate about supporting younger architects, Shweta is proud to be part of the founder’s team AIA Women in Architecture, Houston Chapter. Together with other accomplished women, she helped build a 108-foot long display exhibiting monumental work done by women in the fields of architecture and construction. This exhibit was later displayed at multiple AIA Chapters across the United States.

Away from the office, Shweta can be found engaging in her passion for Indian Classical Dancing, an art form she shares with her daughter. Together they enjoy a love of reading and traveling to explore new cultures.