New Team Member: Johnson Marklin

Conveying his lifelong passion and fascination for the outdoors into architectural language has been the main focus of Johnson’s education and design career. With a degree in architecture from North Carolina State University, he brings a unique east coast perspective and background in sustainable design to our Arizona desert. “The city of Phoenix is an interesting mixture of public parks, spaces, and buildings. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to its unique culture.”

Johnson is lending his knowledge, curiosity, and intuitive visual sense to several projects currently happening in the studio by producing conceptual renderings and assisting with construction details. “The teamwork and design thought put into the projects I have worked on so far has taught me a lot about the work ethic and drive that is present here at DFDG.”

Outside the office, Johnson is enjoying exploring Arizona and its many singular sites and cities with his fiancée, Katie. When asked what interesting talents he has: “I have been told that I am a great whistler… I can whistle just about any song if I’ve heard it before.”