New Team Member: Stephany Huerta

As one of our newest architectural associates, Stephany Huerta enjoys the learning process and has already brought her energy and curiosity to many projects happening in our studio.

Through her experiences during school, she has learned to consider every aspect of the users’ environment in the design process.

“One of my favorite things about designing is when you are working to meet the client’s goals, and you have reached the point where you are proud to present your results. Regardless of the feedback, I love the learning process that comes out of revealing your designs and ideas.”

In her last year of school at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte in Mexico, she had the opportunity to participate in the Regional Biennial of Sonora, a state design competition which showcases the work that student teams have produced over the course of their education. Stephany and her team submitted their work in the architectural category and received the first-place award for their use of sustainability criteria using passive systems.

Stephany has worked in a variety of environments including mining, where she gained insight into the engineering side of design and the innovative thinking needed to provide successful solutions to clients. Already working on a variety of DFDG’s projects, she looks forward to the continual process of learning.

“In the future I see myself proud of the projects I will be involved in, always making sure to design accordingly to the best interest of the user and find new, innovative ways to respect the environment.”