What’s it like to be an Architectural Intern at DFDG? Check out Kelsey O’Brien’s Q&A

Kelsey’s year-long internship has been full of challenges, surprises, mentorship, and real-world learning. Before she heads off to the next stage of her career, we asked her what her internship experience has been like at DFDG.

What was most satisfying about your experience?

I’ve been able to do more designing here than with previous internships. In creating renderings for clients, I’ve had more creative control and translated my classroom knowledge to the real world.

Most memorable thing that happened in the office?

DFDG takes office parties to the next level. Whether it be wild Halloween costumes or gingerbread-making contests, the office is constantly buzzing with social activities.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced during this internship?

Day one of my DFDG experience began with a request for an intern to present during a major interview for a higher education client. It was such a cool start to my internship, and a real baby bird out of the nest moment. Public speaking wasn’t something I thought I would be doing right out of the gate, but it turns out that it wasn’t that scary, and I’ll be even more prepared next time.

What projects were you involved with?

As an intern, you don’t necessarily get to choose what you work on; but here, I was able to explore the many facets of a project and even have some creative control. I worked on everything from building code studies and design concept renderings to municipal facility renovation studies and healthcare research building design. Being involved in multiple projects helped me to be ready for whatever challenges come my way. Help is always available in the studio. There is always someone to ask for direction, and everyone always has time for questions, no matter how busy they are.

What was something you enjoyed learning at DFDG?

I worked with all the principals at DFDG and experienced their different learning and mentoring styles. I enjoyed being exposed to different forms of leadership and learning what I enjoy most, including focusing on more client interactions and management in the future.