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Mohave County Courthouse

The Mohave County Courthouse was commissioned to modernized the facility that has been experiencing overcrowding over the last few decades. The project also addresses several issues pertaining to the safety of the judges and administration staff, as well as plan for future needs. This project consists of the renovation of two existing buildings; a 3-Story Historical Court Building and a 3-Story Annex Building for Mohave Judicial Court, as well as a new building for Mohave Superior Court.

The design of the New Superior Court building derives its inspiration from the historical contexts. The new lobby entrance embraces the past by providing views of the various historical features located on the campus. These include the 1914 Historic Courthouse, Jail and World War II Memorial Statue. By incorporating a bridge between the new facility and the historic courthouse, visitors to the facility can view the historical elements alleviating some of the wear and tear to these facilities created by pedestrian traffic. The new facility houses six new courtrooms, hearing rooms, jury deliberation facilities, attorney/client consultation rooms and holding cells. The fourth floor houses the judicial suite which was created in a collegial style consisted of seven judge’s chambers and court administration.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2020.


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