Estrella Mountain Community College Arroyo Hall

Avondale, Arizona

Project Info

  • Client

    Maricopa Community Colleges District

  • Size

    48,000 SF

  • Delivery method


  • Role on project

    Prime Architect

  • Project Completion:


  • Project Budget:


  • DFDG Team Members
  • Chad Billings

    Project Director

  • Jim Lloyd

    Project Manger

  • Becky Tomasek

    Interior Design Director

  • Sarah Salas

    Sr. Interior Designer

EMCC’s new multi-program educational facility represents the future of modern learning spaces and academic partnerships.

Carefully designed and constructed with end users in the mind, Arroyo Hall highlights the history of EMCC’s commitment to creative and innovative learning spaces. With a focus on collaboration and interaction, the strategic design of this two-building facility invites students to explore new learning studios.

Named for the steep-sided gullies formed by fast-flowing water found in the Southwest, Arroyo Hall features a central breezeway flowing under the two buildings. The breezeway connects EMCC students to the main campus, providing new learning opportunities and expanded programs.

Designed as a key visual and physical entry, Arroyo Hall utilizes both shaded exterior walkways, outdoor connections, and active interior corridors. Circulation pathways flow from the outside to the inside and guide students to key collaboration and study zones. Students and staff can use both the designated learning areas and the open-air spaces for classroom activities.

Arroyo Hall serves as a one-stop shop for administration, business, and instructional services, and features 10 dynamic learning studios, 4 state-of-the-art flexible learning labs (Makerspace, Fab lab, Art, and Music), 13 collaborative office spaces, and an adjunct faculty suite.

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