Heroes Park Regional Library

Glendale, Arizona

Project Info

  • Client

    Glendale, Arizona

  • Size

    7,552 SF

  • Delivery method

    Design Bid Build

  • Role on project

    Prime Architect

  • Project Completion:


  • Project Budget:


  • DFDG Team Members
  • Michael Schmitt

    Project Director

  • Leah Morgan

    Project Manager

  • Nicki Jensen

    Interior Design

Small but mighty, Heroes Park Regional Library provides multi-generational families and visitors a state-of-the-art, cornerstone community destination.

The City of Glendale’s vision was born more than 20 years ago, with the intent of providing city residents with a facility that serves inter-generational visitors in a modern, flexible, and engaging setting. At the time, the library was planned and designed at 35,000-sf. Due to budget cuts and a recession, the project was placed on hold, re-emerging with the same vision and goals, but with a significantly less budget and size variation.

The DFDG team eagerly took up the creative opportunity to provide as much of the client’s original vision as possible, succeeding in planting the seeds for the future of the site. The result is a library that serves as the anchor for what will become a community master-planned destination. Through strategic planning and tight organization, the building overlaps multiple uses in a compact space while still offering the areas we expect in today’s library.

The design promotes several of the most important trends in library spaces: culture, creativity, community engagement, arts, and equity. The materials and spaces engage adults, teens, and children, who can interact with one another, or independently, as they use the library’s resources.

Nationally recognized artist Pete Goldlust provided three pieces of artwork named: “Neighborhood Roots: From Sugar Beets to Cotton and Beyond.” These art pieces reflect the rich and compelling heritage of the Yucca District. The artwork is reflected in the terrazzo flooring, sand-blasted etched glass doors, and a metal sculpture affixed to the east entryway. DFDG worked closely with the artist to integrate the art with the library’s architecture.

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