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John Dick |
John Dick

John founded DFDG in 1970, and is closing in on 50 years of success in the world of architecture and planning. He is passionate about his business relationships and is personally committed to helping his clients and employees achieve new heights. DFDG’s success in recruiting and retaining strong design talent in recent years has enabled John to shift his focus to the initial programming and planning phases where good decisions can be made early. He is highly energized by working with collaborative partners to create functional and flexible planning concepts that allow the client’s organization to adapt to rapid industry changes over time. The result is an evolution of John’s design philosophy that it isn’t only about how a building looks, it’s also about how well it works.

John has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Arizona State University, a diploma from the Ecole des Beaux Artes in Fontainebleau, France, and attended the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is a licensed architect in several states, NCARB Certified, a Member of the American Institute of Architects, and involved in many other professional and cultural organizations. His career is full of accolades, including more than 100 awards for environmental and design excellence. John’s current focus is on civic and higher education projects.

One-on-One with John:

What keeps you going in this business year after year?

I am absolutely amazed at the talented young men and women coming out of our universities with strong design and technical skills. Not only do I have the opportunity to mentor and help them grow in the profession, but I am grateful that I can still learn a lot from them.

Do you have any hidden talents?

One of the great passions in my life is music. I learned to play piano at the age of 4 and still play for my own enjoyment.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Aside from playing piano, I am an avid sailor, sea kayaker and an all-around general beach bum. I believe the sea, in all of its moods, can teach us a lot. And a well-tuned design team is a lot like a sailboat that is trimmed just right for the conditions, allowing me to have a light hand on the tiller.

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