Glendale City Court Renovation

Glendale, AZ

Project Info

  • Client

    City of Glendale

  • Size

    17,000 SF

  • Delivery method


  • Role on project

    Prime Architect

  • Project Completion:


  • Project Budget:


  • DFDG Team Members
  • Mike Schmitt

    Project Director

  • Leah Morgan

    Project Manager

  • Tracy Puddy

    Interior Designer

  • Margaret Grey

    Architectural Associate

A Transformed Glendale City Court: Elevating Staff and Public Experience

The transformed Glendale City Court Building is now welcoming both visitors and staff into refreshed and reimagined spaces. The DFDG team took on this modern revitalization with the City’s three main goals in mind: Increase efficiency, improve customer service and comfort, and enhance safety and comfort for staff and visitors.

The redesign extends beyond aesthetics and focuses on enriching the day-to-day experiences of the community members and the dedicated Court staff who serve them. For the City’s employees, the renovation introduced optimized workspace layouts equipped with modern finishes and ergonomic furniture to support their productivity and overall well-being.

Essential restroom upgrades for visitors and staff included enhanced ADA features that serve all community members with added restrooms to accommodate additional court capacity. To streamline court operations, the design facilitates virtual court sessions through advanced technology upgrades. Each of the five courtrooms received updated finishes, and one courtroom now includes moveable furniture to allow for enhanced flexibility during court proceedings.

Staff area upgrades were achieved by working closely with stakeholders to gain an understanding of their day-to-day operations, improving circulation, and opening up previously crowded and inefficient workstations. Additions included a new break room and lighter and brighter spaces for court administrators and judges’ chambers.

A key focus was the redesign of the front counters to enhance privacy and ergonomics. Attractive privacy screens now provide acoustic and visual separation between counter positions, creating a more accessible environment for staff and visitors and reducing reliance on previously inefficient communication devices for those with hearing impairment. DFDG’s comprehensive design approach has set a new standard for Glendale in public service counter design.

Initially planned as a multi-phased renovation, the City’s proactive staff devised a collective plan to temporarily relocate their administrative services. This strategy allowed the project to be completed within an impressive 10-month timeframe, which reduced construction costs and disruptions.

The DFDG team is honored to be a part of helping Glendale achieve their goals for a safe, welcoming, and efficient staff and customer experience.



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