Lake Havasu City Municipal Court

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Project Info

  • Client

    Lake Havasu City

  • Size

    21,000 SF

  • Delivery method


  • Role on project

    Prime Architect

  • Project Completion:


  • Project Budget:


  • DFDG Team Members
  • Chad Billings

    Project Director

  • Denise Orr

    Project Manager

  • Stephany Huerta

    Architectural Associate

A Modern Civic Space Renovation

The Lake Havasu Municipal Courthouse and City Council Chambers renovation project is an excellent example of how creative solutions and cost-efficient materials can be used to create a modern and efficient space. The fully renovated, 21,000-square-foot facility began life as a fitness center nearly 20 years ago and has been transformed into a modern, welcoming court and council chambers space that provides a range of civic services.

The renovation involved converting a pre-fabricated metal building into a state-of-the-art civic space. Despite facing challenges due to the limitations of the existing prefab structure, which couldn’t support crucial systems like lighting, HVAC ducts, and fan coil units, the project team found innovative solutions to address these issues.

To overcome these obstacles, the design team devised creative strategies, including installing secondary structures supported by new stud framing to support these systems. They also had to replace the HVAC system, which had reached the end of its lifespan.
To adhere to budgetary considerations, the project focused on minimizing full-height walls, repurposing approximately 95% of existing walls, and implementing a sophisticated design using cost-effective materials and finishes.

The new courthouse boasts two courtrooms, a virtual court, a multi-purpose room for jury assembly and employee training, administrative and clerk workstations, secure access to judges’ chambers, holding cells, and a public law library. The second floor features an expanded mezzanine area that serves as the updated city council chambers, doubling as a potential third courtroom. This versatile space accommodates up to 150 people and has an advanced AV system, lecture space, and a prominent table for the city manager.

The project’s success is attributed to the collaboration with Lake Havasu City’s diligent and focused team of stakeholders and court personnel, the dedication of the talented contractor, and our expert teaming partners.




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